Rambles into Sacred Realms: Journeys in Pen & Paint

Krish V. Krishnan

Shanti Arts LLC, Apr 7 2015, $48.00


ISBN: 9781941830925

Rambles into Sacred Realms is a captivating inspirational memoir; as Krish V. Krishnan tells his spiritual global odyssey in “Pen & Paint”.  Containing unique visions of twelve locales on four continents, Mr. Krishnan “rambles” in paint and sketch, accompanied by explicatory articles.  The author-artist captures what he believes is the essence of “Sacred Realms” he visited in Central America, Thailand, India and Egypt, etc.  Though the essays enhance the art work, it is the visual “picture is worth a thousand words” that grips the audience who will relish stops in Jordan’s Red Desert and Hawaii volcanoes among others on Mr. Krishnan’s refreshing world tour.  Reader friendly (I enjoyed a chapter a week); perhaps the best examples are the sites familiar to most of us: sketches of Stonehenge with its “Hungry Blackbird” dining nearby and the Temple Mount behind the Eastern Wall in Jerusalem.

Harriet Klausner